Shadow President

I always wanted to be Techfront president – the unfortunate fact being I was in the same graduating class as the first. It simply wasn’t an option for me.

When we hung around for your grad school program, you seemed to be the natural fit. Really, I wanted you to be president because I realized that would give me the closest thing to having power.

And as we all know, there’s nothing more empowering than having a tiny bit of control over some small college club (specifically after having graduated).

Yet I can barely even remember those years. We were so caught up in us that maybe we let things fall to the wayside. The wedding and everything surrounding that time…we were far too busy for you to be in charge of anything.

I think around this time Techfront started to crumble. We had already encountered the unfortunate situation with my class – it turned out most of the regulars graduated together, and a bubble burst. We went from regularly having a couple dozen attendees each week to less than ten. None of us were in a place to build it back up.

Is Techfront going to die? Did we kill it? Or do things just fall apart sometimes?

…I thought there’d be a place for what we all built.

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