Parting Shot

Though I hang around to this day, I decided I should stop meddling in the affairs of Techfront once my then-partner graduated. As a student organization, we were floating in an endless abyss among one thousand like-minded clubs. How do we reach those that might need a club like this?

I reached out to our LGBT resource center. If the previous president had put in the effort to make this a queer-friendly group, I wanted to be the one to finalize that transition, make it official.

I’m not sure if it’s worked – despite being officially associated now, I feel we haven’t made much use of that connection. The first week of that following school year, the resource center had a welcome back event, where clubs were allowed to introduce themselves. Unfortunately, the new president likely wouldn’t make it, and I somehow got talked into the role of presenter – the president ended up arriving anyway, but our battle of who is the more anxious forced me to the front. I sort of froze – how do I explain what Techfront is? Why the hell were we still calling ourselves Techfront after all this time?

But maybe it will linger. All we need is one lucky moment where a couple people check it out and decide to come back the next week.

But I keep thinking to myself – why do I specifically care so much?

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