Future Frontiers

Perhaps I glorify this club too much. Perhaps it isn’t really the club at all that matters, but the people it brought together at a specific time and a specific place.

The structure was always quite odd – board games, television, movies. It’s the remnant of a group of friends who wanted to hang out and simply threw together whatever would keep them engaged from 5 in the afternoon to whenever everyone felt like leaving, on the best nights not until the next morning.

There was something undeniably organic about the nature of Techfront, and inviting new people is kind of like telling an in joke to an outsider. Anytime it’s brought up on Quad Day, the same questions are repeated. Why Techfront? Why all these things mashed together? How is this queer? Everything here makes sense to us, but did we fall into a hole so niche that it only appeals to us?

Yet it still remains. Perhaps it’s smaller than I would like, but a new group has formed. This does matter to some people; they show up every week just like we used to do.

So even if Techfront eventually dies off, we’ll always have the memories. Those oddball foreign films I inflicted upon you all, Arkham Horror all-nighters, passionate discussions about Chelsea Manning. Techfront bent to whatever the current members needed it to be, and god, I really needed all of you. Your consistent Saturday night presence was a lifesaver during my hectic experience known as college.

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